Experiencing His Presence Ministries

EHPM is a global ministry that ministers to the nations of the US, Africa, Mexico and many others. We are honored to see amazing miracles as Jesus continues to love His people during our crusades.

Are You a Church In America?

EHPM is excited to visit with the local church in the US to minister to and share with the congregation and leadership. We would love to visit you. Please contact us for conferences and individual visits.

Hungry for the World?

Join our next mission trip and watch God move with power. Click the button below for information on our next trip.

Flying with God

No matter when or where, God is always at work. Can you imagine a two-hour prayer meeting on a flight over the ocean? Can you imagine God wanting to heal an entire plane full of folks? All I wanted was to rest after a long trip. The LORD thought differently. Watch this.

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