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The Lame Walk

Post Date
November 30, 2012


Jim Rogers


We were in Thailand, ministering to the people in the sex trade.  We walked into a brothel, there was a lady boy with a walker.  She could barely move around.  I asked if we could pray for her.  She said yes.  As we prayed we could feel to the presence and power of God.  Within a few minuites the lady boy pushed the walker to the side and began to run around the brothel, screaming the she was healed.  God loved her so much He didn’t care if she worked in a brothel, He wanted to touch her.  What a blessing to minister in the Love of the Father!!!

Jim Rogers

Jim is a Prophetic Healing Evangelist. He travels throughout North America and the World bringing healing, salvation and deliverance to the lost. He has a heart to reach all those who have not heard the Good News.

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